Our Story

Our parent company, Vista Railing Systems Inc. began in 1974 as a wood remanufacturing and woodturning plant where the company built a reputation as the highest-quality woodturning and remanufacturing plant in the industry and the first to receive FSC certification. As market tastes changed and evolved throughout the years, so did our product lines and our manufacturing capabilities.

The company continued to grow including through acquisition which included a state-of-the art aluminum railing manufacturing operation. This acquisition allowed the company to expand into aluminum, glass and later, cable railing. At the same time, the company created a separate division to focus on, and serve, the unique needs of the multifamily project market, bringing on board some of the industry’s foremost experts with deep experience in the multifamily market.

Today, as VistaPro Architectural Railing Solutions, we are an industry leader providing design built railing solutions to the multifamily markets across North America. At VistaPro, we view everything through the lens of simplicity and apply this concept to everything we do. We design, engineer, test, and manufacture our railing right here in North America. VistaPro Architectural Railing Solutions is more than just our products – we are the sum of our people…passionate, dedicated and experienced. If you are looking for a railing solution for your multifamily project, VistaPro Architectural Railings has your solution.